Strength Scientist //
Fitness Shaman

Years + on-going research on the sciences of the strength & esoteric anatomy


American College of Sports Medicine Certified
National Strength and Conditioning Association

Mental Alchemest //  Lifestyle hacker

Years + on-going research in the fields of social psychology & Personal development

Combat Hippy //
Fight thirsty fanatic

A student of the combat arts; Years of training under previously crowned world champion boxers & mixed martial artists.

If you’ve read this far, you probably want to know more.

Raised in New Zealand and Dubai – Iraqi by blood citizen of the universe by choice. From an early age I felt at one with nature and all that changes around me; I was comfortable with the constantly changing river of life.

all was well until…

I was targetted by human trafficers and was almost kidnapped; which led to years of childhood trauma that carried over onto my teenage years, I constantly felt inadequate, uncapable, fearful and afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

Broken, bullied with no confidence and a heart filled with pain

I went on living a life just getting by – constant bullying, the constant feeling of inaduquecy, the sleepless nights filled with tears and sorrow

in came Diabetes

My dad noticed I was urinating alot and had lost alot of weight; with the prick of a finger my blood sugar read HI – Over 600 enough to put me in a deadly comma if not treated with urgency -rushed to the ER – I was diagnosed. with diabetes – sitting in the hospital bed I felt a sense of relief – I had lost everything I had “no health” no friends, no life and it was in that specific moment that a quantum leap took place inside of me; I was no longer going to settle – I was going to Conquer Everything.

The boy inside of me died & The Warrior was born
The next day I enrolled into the local gym and evicted the wussy victim out of my life. I began learning about the mechanics of the human mind, Anatomy and Physiology, Strength & Conditioning, Hand to hand combat,  Alpha conversation and persuation. The questions that plaughed me were how do I attract women, How do I build athletic muscle mass, How do I defend myself, how do I defend me from me and stop victimizing myself.

I threw myself into a river of knowledge and allowed myself to drown in it. – I’m grateful to say I’m still drowning in knowledge to this day.

I became unconquerable & Today I want to give back

I am here today as a living testament that you can go forth and shine with all your heart and accomplish. I’ve been through enough shit to turn it into shiny sugar and I want to see you shine.

Strength & Love

Mohamed Kader