Throughout my life I had been a smaller kid,

when I first got into training the gains did not come as fast as I’d like while I watched my friends inflated in both muscle mass and ego

Fast forward 10 years, 8 amateur boxing competitions and multiple Strength and Conditioning certifications later and I am able to pinpoint and eliminate the hardgainer to the T


You heard it right. The first deadly sin of the hardgainer is not eating a Macro and Micronutrient dense diet. Hardgainers will often complain that they “eat everything in sight” which is the equivelent to building a fortress with feathers. If you are not eating hight quality, caloric and nurtient dense foods you can forget all about increasing muscle mass.


Program hopping. You must stick to a single program; programs are not simple killer workouts given to you each day. Programs are built the same way a Programming language works – They cascade on-top of each other, each workout is a puzzle piece, your weekly training output and weight moved is a lot more important than a single killer workout done in one day. find a program and stick to it, enough sliding around.


Given all the above variables the last and most important one to increasing your overall anabolism and increasing your muscle mass is quality sleep. Our generation is a sleepless Instagram scrolling, Facebook sharing one that later pays the price in sleepless nights with time wasted watching others live. – Set daily to do lists, Smash them and get some rest and do it all over again.

P.S You can watch a video where I go over this on my YouTube channel .

To set you on your path below are a few applications and bootstraps you can use to begin creating ripple of change today.

1. Download the Myfitnesspal application – Plug in your goals, current weight, target weight and activity level and begin tracking your food; once you begin to know what is going in and out of your body you will be better able to adjust, adapt and increase the foods that serve you better.

2. Download the “Strong” application and get started on a program; this application is fantastic; it tracks your training, literally coaches you and incorporate progress overload.

3. Other than setting a daily to-do list to increase your productivity during the day so you collapse onto your bed fulfilled with a oozing you living out your mission and chasing after your goals – a great application to track your sleep cycles which wakes you up at a stage in your sleep where you will feel most energised and ready to tackle the day is Runtastic Sleep better

Overall all of these tools are useless if you lack the discipline and self-determination to gain more muscle; a truth of life is the way you do one thing is the way you do everything; as you begin to gain more muscle you will definitely begin to see gains in other areas of your life from your relationships to your finances. I wish you all the best.

With Strength & Love
Mohamed Kader – Warrior Life