German Volume Training | Pack on size quick

Get bigger, bring up lagging body parts, Pack on size; one of the best training styles for the "hard-gainer"

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Full breakdown below ⇊


  1. This training style will bring up lagging bodyparts due to the sheer volume there will be a hypertrophic response
  2. Make sure you are eating & sleeping well (since it’s stressful on the nervous system aim to remove as many “Stressors” as possible
  3. I highly recommend a 10-20 minute nap or mindfulness meditation prior to a GVT training day; this will give you that extra mental edge when performing the repetitive bouts of resisted movement

Why gvt

  1. The program works because it targets a group of motor units & smashes them with insane volume; 10 sets of a single movement
  2. The body adapts to the volume by hypertrophying the targeted fibers (increased size = increased mitochondria = adaptation)
  3. It turns into a meditative process as you go through the same motions repeatedly
  4. you can hog the squat rack for the entire set and leave the gym / go on to do your accessory work; no more waiting in line between sets if you train at a crowded busy facility

The Method

  1. You must complete ten sets of ten reps with the same weight for each movement.
  2. use a weight you can move for 20 reps – failure if you had to.
  3. For most that would be 60% of your 1RM; so if you can bench press 135 kilos for 1 rep, you would use 80 kilos for this exercise



  1. 60 seconds between sets
  2. The first sets wont feel heavy – dont be discouraged, since there is minimal rest between sets
  3. Use a timer to keep track of your rest periods; as the sets add up your willingness to extend your rest periods will creep on you; use the timer, rest for 60 seconds and go; no matter what. Unless your form is breaking then lower the weight by 5%


  1. Perform one movement per muscle group; i.e: Legs = Squats OR Lunges OR Deadlifts OR Nordic curls


  1. Since this is such an intense way to train, it will require longer rest duration. one GVT session per week is great.

Progressive overload

  1. Once you’re able to do 10 sets of 10 with increasing ease, add 5% to the weight you are lifting. However NO cheat reps or negatives. The sheer volume will take care of the hypertrophy.